Sauna & Quite Room

Feeling good and relaxing

Quiet Room

For relaxing after a pleasant sauna session the quiet oasis is particularly inviting with its lovely ambiance. Leave the everyday stress far behind and enjoy the peace. The Walser colours create a peaceful and calming effect in our new quiet room.

Feeling good is a guarantee!

The lovely beneficial effects of steam

The steam bath has an ancient history which dates back to ancient Greece. For the Romans the steam bath was a "sudatorium", a vaulted sweating-room, and was an integral part of bathing culture. It then reached the East where it is well known today as the Turkish steam bath. This pleasant sweating-room is not only very popular but also very healthy!

It's like a late autumn day in the mountains is what you will think when you see our steam bath. Comforting wafts of mist with an air humidity of up to 100% and sauna like temperatures stimulating the skin in the finest way. 

Sauna experience

After an active day outdoors in nature a rejuvenating sauna session does a world of good. Feel the tension and stress ease gently away.

Feel the Kleinwalsertal "close up"  in our "ORGANIC SAUNA". Sitting in the middle of a spring meadow breathing in the soft scents of flowers - this is the effect of our Organic Aroma Sauna with an agreeable 60°C temperature, herbal aromas and calming light effects and around 43 % air humidity.